Let me introduce myself: Devira. I am a 28 year old photographer, image editor and artist. Jolly , exuberant, small of posture with a big personality. Unobtrusive yet confident. Specialising in abandoned buildings, renovation projects, product and portraiture of animals & people. Both commercial as combined with autonomous work with conceptual photography and art. My autonomous style is best described as “nostalgic”, “surreal” and sometimes a little “anxious”. Creating an image with a story and a feeling.



Being artistic is in the blood of my family. As granddaughter of a painter, my artistic side was always present. I have always been drawing and discovered Photoshop at the age of 11, creating digital art since then. In 2009 I bought my own first compactcamera and walked around with it all day. At that time I followed audiovisual lessons from my nephew at school. I learned how to look at things differently and he encouraged me to explore photography. At the end of 2010, I bought my first DSLR: a Canon 550D, wich I still use. I decided to look at the technical side of photography and learned myself how to photograph. To earn my degree in photography, I’ve started evening school at the fotovakschool in 2013 and am open for business since end 2013.